Alberto Ballesteros (Madrid, 1983) is a writer and performer of songs in Castilian.

He started playing at the age of 18 as a guitarist in different rock bands.

At the age of 22 he formed the rock band “Los Ponentes” with which he began to sing his first compositions.

After the dissolution of “Los Ponentes”, Alberto moved to Sheffield (U.K.) where he began to play in acoustic and solo format. This change affected his new compositions with a shift towards folk and blues. After a year playing in different venues in the city, he recorded his first solo E.P. with the name of Alberto Ballesteros. The album was called “Sheffield 24/7” and was produced by Brett Womersley.

In 2009 he returned to Madrid with the aim of presenting the new project. He enters the circuit of singer-songwriters in the capital, playing frequently in venues such as Libertad 8, Búho Real and Rincón del arte nuevo.

In 2011, under the production of Héctor Tuya, he recorded a new EP called “Teatro Chino”. The tour to present the album was joined by musicians such as Manu Clavijo (violin), Ángel Pastor (harmonica) and Héctor Tuya (guitar), which meant a step forward in the staging.

Once the tour was over, in 2013, he moved to Berlin, with the aim of preparing his first LP. After a year of work, he records the new songs, again with the production of Héctor Tuya. This new collection of songs is published under the name “El Mundo Encima” (The World Above) (2015).
During the “El Mundo Encima” tour the band has just taken shape with the incorporations of Jairo Martín on piano, Pedro Cuevas on drums and Javi Martín on guitar. Together they perform a series of concerts in venues such as Honky Tonk, Clamores and Galileo Galilei.

Alberto Ballesteros has just released his latest album entitled “La Canción del Jinete Eléctrico” (The Song of the Electric Rider), co-produced with Luis Mendo, a very different album from the previous ones, since all the songs are based on or inspired by the poem “Vida y leyenda del jinete eléctrico” (Life and Legend of the Electric Rider) (Visor 2013) by the poet and novelist Joaquín Pérez Azaústre from Córdoba.